Hi, My name is Akshay Sharma
I'm a Front End Developer.

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I completed my B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) from JIIT, Noida in 2019. Now working as a Front End (React) developer but also love Svelte. I love to learn things which piques my interest.

As the Technology unfolds & grows itself we are leaving the analog world behind to a brighter future. Maybe? Who knows. I love to travel and explore and would love to travel the world and explore the cultures all around the world. I am also interested in languages & cosmology & love to learn about these things in my free time.

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JavaScript 30

30 Small applications ranging from JavaScript DrumKit to Flex Panel Gallery to Custom Video Player to Countdown Clock, all made with help of Vanilla JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

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JavaScript Effects

Small JavaScript effect makes a huge difference in how webpages look and that effect which ranges from Typewriter Effect to Social Media Counter to Parallax Landing Page, all made with Vanilla JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 are in this project.

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A simple React based App that searches the robots it has currently present on its website. It has a search button and Robots information in the form of a card.

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This app is made using React which shows us a new picture or video everyday. It uses NASA's APOD API to search the picture of the day of space which we showcase with the details about the picture using this app.

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CSS3 functionalities and various other things that we can achieve by using only CSS3. It helps us to design our website eloquently. Sometimes we only need CSS3 to make our webpages look more eccentric.

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